Thursday, June 8, 2023

While Shirley Temple Studies For Citizenship, Daughter Victoria Puts On Patriotic Show

Six years ago, Shirley Temple came to America from Cartagena, Colombia, and married her husband, Rankin County native and former Ole Miss student, Brad. Now residing in Austin, Texas, Shirley is eligible for citizenship. 
She is now studying to take her citizenship test with a little help from her 3-year-old daughter, Victoria. Victoria emulates her mother’s famous name in front of the camera, and she’s picked up a thing or two from her studious mother. 

Having her daughter and her 5-year old son Patrick alongside her as she goes through this lengthy process has been an experience she won’t soon forget. 
“It’s so nice that I can share this experience and knowledge with them,” Shirley said. “It has been amazing watching them learn while they’re helping me.”
Victoria’s grandfather Larry knew she was smart, but after seeing the video couldn’t help but be even more impressed. 
“It was so cute; it’s amazing how quickly these little kids can pick things up. And of course I’m as proud as punch of her. I always knew she was smart,” Larry said. 
Shirley is currently awaiting the notice of her citizenship test date. In the meantime, she is studying hard; and with her kids by her side, she’s ready to become an American citizen.

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