Friday, December 2, 2022

Former Rebel Chris Coghlan Goes Up And Over To Avoid Tag At Home

Chris Coghlan is a world series champion thanks to his time with the Chicago Cubs in 2016. Now a Toronto Blue Jay, the former Rebel standout can add acrobat to his resume as he stunned the baseball world with a leaping effort to avoid the tag of the Cardinal’s Yadier Molina at home plate last night.
After a base hit to right field from Kevin Pillar, Coghlan tried to score from first, but a good throw from RF Stephen Piscotty seemingly had Coghlan dead in the water, until he decided to go up and over to score the run to give the Blue Jays a 3-2 lead in the 7th inning.
“I was just glad I didn’t break my neck. I took a peak, and I saw that the ball was going to beat me.. it was a split second decision, either I was going to run him over or jump, but because he went low something popped in my head, ‘why don’t you just jump over him?’” Coghlan said after the game.
Coghlan also told reporters that he was trying to do “his best Willy Mays Hayes impression, as his dive looked a lot like the scene straight out of Major League 2 (Video: see the slide at the 2:00 mark).

The leap earned Coghlan the top spot on Sportscenter’s “Top 10 Plays” segment. Coghlan has played in eight games after being called up to the majors earlier this month.

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