Monday, May 29, 2023

Flying Tuk's 30-Day Suspension Upheld By Board Of Aldermen

Oxford Board Of Aldermen, photo by Steven Gagliano

The owners of Flying Tuk stood before the Oxford Board of Aldermen last night to appeal a 30-day suspension. The apologetic tone of Danny Klimetz and Ferriday Mansel McClatchy weren’t enough to sway the decision of the BOA as the members upheld the 30-day suspension. 
Danny Klimentz

The owners were asking that the suspension be reduced to seven days, but it was mentioned that a city ordinance would have to be changed in order to reduce the suspension. It takes 60 days to change an ordinance, which would outlast the length of the suspension. 
“It’s like going 80 in a 55, and after you get the ticket saying ‘change the law for me and make [the speed limit] 80,’ you’ve got us in between a rock and a hard place,” said Oxford Mayor Pat Patterson. 
Klimentz said that a lengthy approval process for drivers was problematic for them and other taxi companies in town. Mayor-elect Robyn Tannehill mentioned that they “don’t want to make it harder” to do business and that the approval process can be discussed at upcoming meetings. 

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