Friday, June 25, 2021

Eat Your Locals At Oxford Double Decker Festival

Artists and vendors from around the region will flood the streets of the Oxford Square with music and culture starting Friday.

But Double Decker coordinator Lee Ann Stubbs says the food you eat will be more homegrown.

“We want people to come from all over,” said Stubbs. “But because the food in Oxford is so unique and so wonderful, we want to keep that as local as possible for our participants to enjoy good food.”

Of course, you don’t have to eat on the street if you don’t want to.  Restaurants on the Square and all around town expect to see big crowds.
South Depot Taco Shop manager Charles Fearn says the key is to have a plan that involves plenty of people.
“We’re normally busy on weekends but that weekend is drastically different,” said Fearn. “It’s been like that every year and I have been working here five years. The crowd is nothing our team here can’t handle because we all know what our main goals are at the end of the day.”
With more than 60,000 hungry visitors in town, the goal is likely to feed them, feed them fast and feed them well.
Story contributed by Alexis Elmore, Kory Calhoun and Hannah Huff.