Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Attorney Asks Court for Psych Eval for Kinne in Capital Murder Case

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

The attorney representing accused killer Matthew Kinne is asking the Lafayette County Circuit Court to grant a psychiatric examination and a hearing to determine if the former police officer is competent to stand trial.

Kinne was arrested and charged with capital murder in May 2019 for the death of Dominique “Lucy” Clayton who was found shot to death in her Brittany Woods home by her young son. Friends and family said Kinne, who was married at the time, was having an affair with Clayton.

Kinne, who worked as a police officer with the Oxford Police Department at the time of his arrest, has been held on no bond since his arrest. He is currently being held at the Union County Jail.

Kinne’s attorney, Tony Farese filed the motion on Sept. 11.

According to the motion, Kinne is in need of a psychiatric examination and psychological testing in order to determine whether he is mentally capable of “conferring with his attorney” and making a rational defense and “where he was mentally capable of distinguishing between right and wrong at the time of the offense with which he is charged.”

Farese states in the motion that the request is based on his interviews with Kinne.

The motion said that Kinne “has or may” raise an insanity defense.

Kinne’s trial is set for the October court term.

Attorney Carlos Moore, representing Clayton’s family, said the motion is simply an effort by Farese to delay his client’s trial.

“On behalf of the Clayton family, we are outraged,” Moore told Hottytoddy.com Wednesday. “We believe it is very dilatory. For his attorney to come a year and a half later and claim (Kinne) is crazy and needs a mental eval, it just stinks to high heaven.”

Moore said it’s been long enough and that Kinne needs to “pay the piper.”

“He needs to stand before a jury of his peers and give a count for what he’s done and if he’s found guilty, he needs to pay the ultimate price, and that’s the death penalty.”

The court has not yet made a ruling on the motion.