Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Oxford Sees More Sales Taxes Collected in August than in August 2019

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, Oxford restaurants and retail stores actually brought in more sale taxes this August than in August 2019.

On Tuesday, Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill announced the August sales, food/beverage and motel/hotel tax numbers from the Mississippi Department of Revenue during the Board of Aldermen meeting.

“Each month we hold our breath waiting for the check to come,” she said.

The city received the tax money on the 15th of each month; however, the taxes are about two months behind. On Oct. 15, the city received the money from the August taxes.

“Unfortunately, the hotels continue to struggle,” Tannehill said.

The Hotel/Motel tax for August brought in $34,914, which was up 81% from July; however, it was 27% less than in August 2019.

The 2% Food and Beverage tax for August brought in $278,294 which was an 18% increase from July and a 2% increase from August 2019.

Regular sales tax brought in $895,000 which was up 19% from July and 6% from August 2019.

“It’s great to see our taxes higher this year than the same month last year,” Tannehill said. “There is a light at the end of a tunnel. It looks like people are ready to get out and about to do some eating and shopping.”

Tannehill also encouraged the public to shop locally this upcoming holiday season and not all online to help support the local businesses.

“We have so many amazing stores on every corner of this time,” she said. “We encourage everyone to start shopping – shop early and often.”