Monday, January 18, 2021

More Former County Roads Renamed Due to Annexation

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

Several roads once located outside the city of Oxford limits are being renamed after being annexed into the city in 2018.

On Tuesday, City Engineer Reanna Mayoral presented the list of roads to the Oxford Board of Aldermen during their regular meeting.

The roads are all private, and prior to annexation had only county or private road numbers associated with them.

Residents will be notified of the changes via a letter to be mailed in early 2021. However, the new road names must be reported to the Circuit Clerk now in order to update all voter registration information prior to the June 2021 municipal elections, Mayoral told the Board.

“Staff has been working on addressing for the annexed area for some time and has coordinated with multiple agencies including the US Postal Service, Oxford School District, banks, insurance providers, accountants, Circuit Clerk Jeff Busby, Chancery Clerk, Lafayette County Tax Office, Lafayette County Development Services, Oxford Utilities, North East Mississippi Electric Power Association and various city departments to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible,” she said.

Affected property owners and residents of the address change will be provided guidance and information on how to make the change to reflect the new E911 address. This letter will be mailed in early 2021.

The name changes will affect 204 homes.

More road name changes are expect in 2021.

The streets being renamed are:

  • CR 1014 to Ryland Way, Ward 1
  • PR 1084 to Orleans Oaks Lane, Ward 1
  • RD 1060 to Still Drive, Ward 1
  • RD 1089 to Hurricane Lane, Ward 1
  • RD 1090 to Keystone Circle, Ward 6
  • RD 1094 to Country View Lane, Ward 6
  • RD 1095 to County View Lane, Ward 6
  • RD 1102 to Misty Meadows Lane, Ward 6
  • RD 1107 to Keystone Loop, Ward 6
  • RD 3056 to Fielder Lane, unavailable
  • RD 4052 to Hollowell Drive, Ward 2
  • RD 4058 to Silver Oak Parkway and Lane, Ward 2