Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ole Miss Student Movers Most Memorable Moments on the Job

Mallori Baker/ Journalism Student

Photo provided.

It’s moving season here in Oxford and Ole Miss students Trey Russell and Miller Elston are pretty familiar with the business.

“Starving Students” is the moving company they launched last year during COVID when they were looking for quick cash while there were very limited job openings.

“I called up Trey and asked him to help move one of my family friends out of her house,” Elston said. “After we each got a pretty good tip, I suggested that we start moving people in Oxford.”

Their business quickly took off. After advertising on the Parents of Ole Miss Facebook page and moving a few friends, the boys found themselves having 120 customers to move in just 42 weeks.

We talked with Russell and Elston about their favorite memories and craziest stories. Although they have only been in business for a year, they have experienced many memorable moments together.

“The craziest thing that happened to me was I was going down Jackson Avenue, like near Chick-fil-A, where it’s really packed,” Elston said.

“All of a sudden the trailer came off the ball of my truck and started stabbing my tailgate and my license plate. It fell off the truck and I had to go running in the middle of the street and pull it up the hill and back on the truck. I almost got hit by a car, but all the stuff was fine, so that’s all that mattered.”

Russell on the other hand, quickly learned that college students aren’t the best at cleaning. 

Video provided by Mallori Baker

“During one of our moves I was moving the bed and I looked down and there was a dead rat…it really kind of messed me up for the rest of the move cause I didn’t know what I would find,” he said.

The pair have had many strange requests from people as well, such as moving an entire house after the owner decided to leave in one day.

Rusell and Elston advertise their business on their Instagram.

If you are looking for a moving service here in oxford, Starving Students is still booking for the summer and next school year.