Tuesday, August 9, 2022

ROTC EggBowl Run

Ty Kuykendall 

IMC Student

Ole Miss Army ROTC Cadets delivered the game ball for the 2021 Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving. Photo courtesy of the University of Mississippi Instagram.

The Military Science and Leadership organizations from the University of Mississippi and Mississippi State University participated in the annual Egg Bowl Run this week, continuing a tradition dating back to 2013 when both universities decided to co-host the event. 

Each year the Egg Bowl game ball is taken by Ole Miss ROTC cadets from Oxford to Calhoun City, where it is then passed off to Mississippi State University ROTC cadets. The ball is then taken to Starkville. 

Jake Spiva, involved with the Ole Miss ROTC for four years, joined this year’s Egg Bowl Run.

“I had never participated in the Egg Bowl Run,” Spiva said. “Over two dozen of my friends have taken part and they speak glowingly of the experience.” 

This year’s Egg Bowl Run began on Monday at 4 a.m. at the Grove Circle. The ball was carried to Calhoun City, a town halfway between Oxford and Starkville, before being handed off to Mississippi State Army ROTC members who completed the run to Starkville. The 80-mile run was completed over the course of more than 12 legs. 

The Egg Bowl has been a tradition since 1927 and the rivalry between Ole Miss and Mississippi state goes back even further. The Egg Bowl Run unites both universities by working toward a common goal prior to the big game. 

Mason Beausoleil, a junior studying Military Science at Ole Miss, is a frequent Cannon Crew member and the Cadet-in-Charge of the Egg Bowl Run. 

“The opportunity to participate in a challenging activity that gives back to the community means a lot to me,” Beausoleil said. “It means a lot to give back to the community that has made me feel welcome from the start.” 

The lengthy run not only benefits both universities, but also provides for the community by holding a canned food drive along the way to support families in need. 

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