Tuesday, November 28, 2023

B’s BBQ: A Hidden Treasure

By Hannah Glassman

IMC Student

Sometimes you’ll find hidden gems in the unlikeliest of places, and that’s the case with B’s BBQ at 825 College Hill Road.

While gas station food often has a bad reputation, B’s is a definite exception.  

“I first tried B’s when my friend brought me there,” said Taylor Harris, an Ole Miss student. “I was very skeptical, but as soon as I walked in and saw all the food, my mind began to change.”

Harris has been eating at B’s for years now and is always bringing in new customers. “My friends used to make fun of me for raving about gas station food and refused to try it. One day I brought it home, and convinced them to try a bite. Ever since that taste, they never made fun of me for liking gas station BBQ again,” Harris said. 

“My favorite thing to get is the ribs. They fall off the bone and you get to choose from a variety of their amazing sides. The food is all pre-made so it is easy to get in and out. Even though it is pre-made, it still comes on your plate hot and fresh.” 

In addition to being popular for locals and students, B’s also brings in another crowd.

“Over the years, we’ve had several Ole Miss celebrities visit for some old fashioned BBQ,” said Stella Gordon, a longtime employee. “The most well-known have been the Manning family and Morgan Freeman.

She added: “We love all of our regulars, and also love seeing new faces. Once you try our food once, you are bound to come back. We are also open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. most days, so you could stop by before or after work, or even bring food with you for your travels and to enjoy later.”