Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Kroger to Add Liquor Store to Oxford Location

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

A 5,000-square foot liquor store, “Wine & Spirits,” will be built onto the east end of the Kroger Center in Oxford.

Kroger got approval Monday from the Oxford Planning Commission to build a liquor store next to the grocery store.

The commission approved a site plan amendment allowing the 5,000-square-foot store that will have a sign that reads, “Wine & Spirits.”

In 2018, Kroger started construction on the remodeling and expansion of the former grocery store building. It was completed in 2020.

The liquor store will be located at the end of the east side of the building.

The site plan amendment was included in the consent agenda for Monday night’s meeting so there was no discussion before the vote to approve, nor were there any comments made from the public for or against the project.