Saturday, April 1, 2023

Oxford High Crowns Most Beautiful

Pictured left to right: Mary Mac Case, Mae Maxwell, Ava East, Mary Thomas Tucker, Molly Swingle, Saylie Parker Miller, Susu Dessler, Lyla Huggins, Hope Blount, Brie LaFont, Ava Randle, Kirklyn Kay, Kendall Kipling.

Oxford High School hosted its Parade of Beauties for the first time in more than 4 years. OHS Senior, Susu Dessler, was selected as “Most Beautiful” among 29 contestants.

Susu Dessler

Beauties from each grade were chosen from each grade to represent their class in addition to selections for Miss Congeniality, Most Photogenic, and an overall Most Beautiful.

OHS teacher, Alison Schmelzer, rekindled interest in the pageant and agreed to organize the event with help from the OHS Student Council.

“I am passionate about giving our young ladies an opportunity to build their confidence for their future. Whether walking into an interview or a board room, this is great practice for all of them,” Schmelzer said.

Three judges from the Mississippi Association of Pageant Judges were assigned the OHS Parade of Beauties.

The theme, “Tradition of Beauty” was selected for this year’s event to honor the beauties of years past. 

Parade of Beauties is slated to return in the 2022-2023 school year in February. 

Saylie Parker Miller,
Lyla Huggins, Molly Swingle

Hope Blount and Brie LaFont

Mae Maxwell, Ava East,
Mary Thomas Tucker

Ava Randle, Kirklyn Kay,
Kendall Kipling

Miss Congeniality (tie)
Brie LaFont and
Saylie Parker Miller

Most Photogenic
Mary Mac Case

Most Beautiful
Susu Dessler

Courtesy of the OSD