Monday, August 15, 2022

Base Camp Coding Academy Now Offers Free One-Year Course to Adults

Base Camp Coding Academy will be starting up its first Graduate Institute program in the fall that is free to adults 22 years old and up. Photo provided

Base Camp Coding Academy has been offering high school graduates a chance to learn computer programming that could lead to a rewarding and good-paying career.

Now, Base Camp is offering that same opportunity to adults who are 22 years or older with its Graduate Institute.

The first adult class will begin this fall and applications are being accepted now through July 31.

Adults in the Graduate Institute will attend classes in person for 15 hours each week and then 10 hours of at-home work.

Briana Talley, director of the Graduate Institute.

They learn Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They study Django web framework, create apps and all that being a software programmer involves – and it costs nothing to attend.

“Thanks to the TVA Community Pilot program and they have provided the funding,” said Briana Talley, director of the Graduate Institute.

The only requirement to take part in the program, outside of being at least 22 years old, is living within a reasonable commute time to Water Valley, where the academy is located on 802 Central Street.

Those who apply do not need to have a high school diploma.

“In our traditional Base Camp, we have had 95 percent of our students leave the program and go right into a software development field, making $50,000 to $60,000 a year,” Talley said. “We expect the same thing for our Graduate Institute. This could be really life-changing for any adult who is either just stuck in their current career or just wants to try something new.”

Anyone interested in attending the Base Camp Coding Academy Graduate Institute can apply online on the program’s website. Applicants will also have to have one person who can nominate them to attend the program who is not a relative. Nominations can also be done online.

For more information, visit Base Camp Coding Academy online or call 662-202-7373.

Learn more about Base Camp’s Graduate Institute in the following video filmed by Sazzad Hossain.

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