Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Mississippians Want to Cook Cornbread Dressing According to Google’s Thanksgiving Search Trends

When it came to looking up recipes for Thanksgiving stuffing last week, Mississippians preferred a good old-fashioned cornbread dressing, according to Google Trends.

The United States seems to be split on whether the tasty side dish is called “dressing” or “stuffing,” however, most states in the South call it dressing.

No matter what you call it, it was the top Thanksgiving Day recipe search in November.

The Dallas Cowboys were the top-searched NFL team playing on Thanksgiving day, followed by the Minnesota Vikings.

Search interest in “what countries celebrate Thanksgiving” more than doubled while “Thanksgiving movies for kids” and “where can I watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” were breakout searches over the past week.

Thanksgiving Day football was Googled more than the Thanksgiving Day parade in all but seven states with those states mostly being in the northeast.

The top five trending pumpkin-flavored foods were cocktails, cookies, pasta, cake pops and chocolate chips.

Turkey chili recipe was the top searched turkey recipe followed by turkey gravy, turkey meatloaf, turkey stuffing and turkey burger.

Folks in Mississippi and in most of the U.S., Googled how to make smoked turkey more than roast or fried turkey. People living in Louisiana and North Carolina were more interested in fried turkey while a cluster of east coast states preferred roasted turkey recipes.

Mississippi also joined the majority of states Googled how to make a pumpkin pie over an apple pie.

Other Thanksgiving Day Google Trends included:

Trending Thanksgiving apparel, past week, US

  1. Thanksgiving plate earrings
  2. Thanksgiving dresses for women
  3. Thanksgiving button-down shirts for men
  4. Thanksgiving sweaters
  5. Thanksgiving smocked dresses

Top searches “… for Friendsgiving” last week

  1. Food for Friendsgiving
  2. Dishes for Friendsgiving
  3. Games for Friendsgiving
  4. Appetizers for Friendsgiving
  5. Things to bring for Friendsgiving

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