Saturday, January 28, 2023

New Oxford Restaurant Donates Passes to Grand Opening to Arts Council

Quack’s restaurant and bar has donated four VIP passes to its grand opening to YAC for the Powerhouse renovation project. File photo

A new restaurant soon to be opening on the downtown Square in Oxford is doing its part to celebrate local arts before its doors are even open to the public.

Quacks, a gourmet hot dog restaurant and bar will be holding its grand opening in February. To help support the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and the Powerhouse renovation project, Quack’s owner has donated four VIP passes to the restaurant’s grand opening celebration.

“The Arts Council has celebrated how creativity and cultural expression are not limited to painting, plays, music or books but are in the foods we eat,” said Joe Bittick, owner of Quacks. “Everyone wants to try the new restaurant in town. We thought it was a way we could support the Arts Council as the expansion of the Powerhouse includes a culinary space.”

Each winner and their guest will enjoy the grand opening which will include a free tasting of Quack’s gourmet hot dogs and cocktails.

The planned expansion of the Powerhouse will offer a makers space, culinary center, studio spaces and community rooms designed to provide opportunities for residents to engage in expressions of community that are shaped by place and tradition.

“We envision the space as a Humanities Hub,” said YAC Director Wayne Andrews. “A space that connects the culture bears of the Hills Region to the tools to share this story with the wider community.”

Entries to the raffle can be secured by donating any amount to YAC’s monthly donation subscription. Additional opportunities to earn free entries will be revealed daily through the Arts Council’s social media.

For further information on how to donate to enter, visit the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council online at or on Instagram and Facebook.

Staff report