Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Local Actors Prepare for Theatre Oxford’s 10-Minute Play Festival

Image via Theater Oxford

Twenty local actors will take the stage at the Powerhouse for Theatre Oxford’s annual Ten-Minute Play Festival this weekend.

“Some of the actors are seasoned professionals like Rebecca Jernigan, George Kehoe, and David James Hamilton,” said Kate Hooper, president of Theatre Oxford’s board. “Some are studying or have studied theatre and film at the college level. Still others are people who may work beside you by day and have hidden theatrical talents you will only witness if you come to see the show.”

Theatre Oxford’s 2023 Ten-Minute Play Festival features new works by local, national, and international playwrights.

Shows will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday and at 2 and 7 p.m. on Saturday at the Powerhouse.

2023 Festival Lineup:

  • 20 Avon, a modern comedy by Kristin Andrea Hanratty, and winner of the 10-Minute Play Competition -This is where virtual and reality collide.
  • Patients, a poignant drama by George Kehoe, and 2nd place winner in the competition (Local) – An act of compassion leads to an unexpected outcome.
  • The Hitchhikers, a journey back in time by Joseph Atkins – It’s 1969 and two hippie hitchhikers are stranded on a lonesome Arkansas highway.
  • Dead Man, a dark comedy by Chuck Smith – What if the murdered could speak?
  • The Influencer, a comedy Sem Megson – What do you do after you quit your job? Become an influencer?
  • Lunch Break, a tragicomedy by LaToya Faulk – This break is anything but relaxing!
  • The Square-Billed Sapphire, a socially conscious comedy by Tim Lehnert – Three birdwatchers and a gun walk into a forest…

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