Wednesday, March 22, 2023

County Intends on Borrowing Up to $20M for West Oxford Loop; Sheriff Dept.

The $20M will go toward the extension of West Oxford Loop, now known as the George G. Patterson Parkway and a new Sheriff’s Department. File photos

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors plans to go after a $20 million general obligation bond for the construction of Phase 2 of West Oxford Loop and the renovations to the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department and Detention Center.

On Monday, the Board voted to adopt a Resolution of Intent to issue the bonds.

The extension will connect College Hill Road to Industrial Park Road, which connects Highway 7 North.

The West Oxford Loop extension, now known as the George G. “Pat” Patterson Parkway, will complete a connection between Highway 6 West and Highway 7 North that has been part of Oxford and Lafayette County’s long-term plans for more than 20 years.

The Sheriff’s Department will be getting a new building that will be located to the west of the current sheriff’s department and detention center.

The three-story building will house 911 dispatch and the sheriff’s department but will be connected to the existing detention center.

The county must publish the intent resolution in a local newspaper for 30 days. County residents can submit any objections to the county’s plan to borrow the funds.

The Supervisors will also take public comment at the April 3rd regular board meeting held at 5 p.m. in the Chancery Building.