Friday, June 2, 2023

Oxford will Continue to Give UM $200K Annually for Baseball Stadium Upkeep

By Alyssa Schnugg

News editor

Oxford will continue to contribute $200,000 annually to the upkeep of the Oxford-University Stadium.

In 1986, House Bill 1189 created what is now known as the city of Oxford’s 2% food and beverage tax. Funds generated from the tax were to go toward tourism-related projects, including $200,000 annually for the construction of the Oxford-University Stadium.

The city was authorized to use any funds over the $200,000 on “tourism-related purposes,” which it continues to do annually.

The original bonds were repaid around 2007 and the city and university re-entered into the same agreement where the city would continue to give the University $200,000 annually from those 2% tourism tax fees for renovations, improvements, repairs and the maintenance of the stadium.

On Tuesday, Ole Miss Athletics asked the Oxford Board of Aldermen to once again sign into an interlocal cooperation agreement and approved a resolution where the city will continue to contribute $200,000 annually for 15 years to be used for improvements and any proposed expansion plans of the stadium.

Aldermen Rick Addy asked if there was an actual project planned for the stadium.

Chief Operating Officer Bart Robinson said as far as he was aware, there was no current plan or project for the stadium. However, the funds could also be used for maintenance and repairs.

“It’s really a trading of funds,” Robinson said. “The University contributes to Double Decker and to our police department for game day coverage.”

Mayor Robyn Tannehill said the university generates many programs and events that help generate tourism.

The Board approved the request 5 to 1 with Addy being the dissenting vote.