Thursday, January 26, 2023

Photo Gallery: A Big Gigantic Halloween

Big Gigantic Halloween at the LyricHigh-energy show and haunted house vibe rocked the Lyric.

Text and Photos By Matthew Joyce
Boulder, Colorado-based Big Gigantic capped off their Halloween week with a finale at the Lyric Theater in Oxford on October 31. Costumes, lights and music accompanied a spectacular performance by Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken. Lalli plays the saxophone and produces the music, while Salken is the drummer of the group. Big Gigantic’s shows combine the dynamics of jam bands and jazz with DJ-style production—bass tones, synthesizers. Dynamic light shows and visuals are also a prominent part of the live experience. This Halloween night featured all the spectacles of a Big Gigantic show along with an added haunted house theme inside the Lyric.
House parties and the typical bar scene do not compare to the Big Gigantic Halloween special. A group of well over 1,000 gathered to witness the spectacle on. The haunted house theme and the various costumes of those in attendance led to a spectacular atmosphere.