Saturday, August 13, 2022

Ole Miss Football Great Pens Memoir On Life and Eggleston

mix 3.2 football,Bill E 025Ole Miss football great Jimmy Hall’s new memoir, William Eggleston and Me, is the story of two Ole Miss students in the 1960s who made their marks in New York City, then later bonded again in the 1990s in Oxford, Miss. and Memphis, Ten. An unlikely pair from totally different backgrounds and family came together and explored the possibilities of who they might one day become.

Hall’s memoir shares  raw honest experiences unashamed, along with the people who commingled with a young Hall and Eggleston, some of them among the most notable artists, writers and performers of modern times. Wherever they went, they were welcomed and embraced with open eyes and arms. William Eggleston, now acknowledged as one of the greatest photographers in the world and the “Father of Color Photography” and Jimmy Hall, Ole Miss National Championship football player and critically acclaimed actor made his way through the wonderland of movies, TV and theater in New York and LA, had quite different personalities. Still, they were kindred spirits in their urge to rebel, dare, challenge and trust both themselves and everyone they came in contact with.

According to Robert Khayat, “Jimmy was a very good player – fast, agile, very good hands and tough as a nickel streak. He also liked to wear his hair long and was a member of the first wave of Hippies. He is a wonderful pianist, was very good looking in college and the girls really, really liked him.”

In his memoir, Hall’s unique voice brings life to 1960s Ole Miss and Oxford and the decades to follow. It is available through, courtesy of Sulby Hall Publishing.

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