Monday, December 4, 2023

Tyler Keith's "Outlaw Biker" Stage Show Now a Live Movie

Two years ago, Oxford rocker Tyler Keith branched his talents into live musical theater with The Outlaw Biker (click here to read our story from October 2012).
“The setting is somewhere in rural Mississippi during the 1960s,” Andy Douglas, who directed and produced the stage show, told us in 2012. “The characters represent a caricature of many of the different personalities found in the genre, including the slut and the innocent girl, the out-of-control rockabilly brawler and pacifist good boy, the aged gentlemen disgusted by youth—one whom always has a shotgun nearby—a rowdy mass of rival gangers and a twisted character for whom the play is named and has never been directly represented in film.”
For posterity and perpetual enjoyment, Thad Lee directed and edited The Outlaw Biker as a live movie. In case you missed the live performance, here it is in all it’s gritty, seedy glory, on Vimeo:

— Tad Wilkes,