Sunday, May 22, 2022

Carleigh’s Corner: A Week of Chills and Thrills

By Carleigh Holt

HottyToddy Intern

This past week saw the opening of the Ole Miss basketball season and a Rebel football win accompanied by chilly fall weather. 

The chilly weather brought about the seasonal cold for me and many of my peers. “It’s that time of year,” I heard many people say. I am very thankful for the heat on the University buses after waiting outside under a bus stop. 

With final exam approaching, it is also the time of year for students who have back-sliding in assignments to start asking for extra credit or redos on assignments. I have noticed that more students are showing up for in-person classes, making it harder to find a seat in class. 

On Friday night, I attended the basketball exhibition game that resulted in a Rebel win. I found out that it is more comfortable to sit in one place on the sidelines of a court than on a turf football field. I got to participate in the game by rolling the basketball back onto the court when it came out of bounds toward me.

Early Saturday morning I photographed Ole Miss extinguishing the visiting Liberty Flames. I enjoyed watching the band’s halftime performance showcasing Marvel’s Avengers. I was in the end zone beside AJ Finley’s fourth-quarter interception. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of that since the play was coming straight toward me and I did not want to get hit. 

I did take one of my favorite pictures this season, which was a butterfly flying beside the Ole Miss football field goal post. The picture was out of focus, but I thought it was still memorable. 

Link to my Sports Illustrated article on Ole Miss vs Liberty.

A butterfly flying across the Ole Miss football field. Photo by: Carleigh Holt; Sports Illustrated