Sunday, October 1, 2023

Video: Chasing the ‘Ghosts of Miami’

Crockett and’s own Wrong Thomerson delves deep

By Wrong Thomerson, Toppest Sports Czar

In this thought-provoking video intro to the 2013 college football championship game, swarthy Wrong Thomerson flexes every journalistic muscle, tendon, and neuron to dig deep into a sunny city few understand. He explores the ghosts of Miami and, in the process, his very soul. America sees below the surface of a Miami they have never seen before. Or at least Wrong has never seen it before. He finds it a challenge to make sense of it. So he doesn’t.


Editor’s Note/Stating the Obvious: This is a parody. All images in this video are included in fair use parody of a well-known program.

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