Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Kennon Observatory

8453317151_43ab025c1c_zThe Kennon Observatory on the University of Mississippi campus was constructed in 1939 and consists of two copper-roofed domes. This image was created by making 200 photographs with a tripod-mounted camera over a one-hour time period Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 2013 and compiling all of the images together to show the earth’s rotation relative to the stars.

Constructed over 74-years ago, Kennon Observatory is still in use today.  In the larger dome is a refractor telescope that was purchased from the Sr. Howard Grubb Co. in 1893. It actually consists of 3 co-aligned visual and photographic telescopes; a fifteen-inch f/12 visual telescope, a nine-inch photographic telescope and a four-inch visual telescope.

The smaller dome currently houses a twelve-inch f/10 Meade LX200, Schmidt-Cassegrian reflector telescope with an electronic CCD camera, the SBIG, ST10 with an AO-7 adaptive optics accessory, attached to it. The original Meade telescope mount has been upgraded to a Paramount ME.

Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications