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Partyology Helps Prepare Oxford for Celebrations

Partyology Owners Charlotte and Chris Dicus at their store on Heritage Drive / Photo By Justin Taylor

Chris and Charlotte Dicus help customers get ready for special party events

Next week marks the beginning of the college school year and the Ole Miss football season. That translates into a lot of parties and celebrations, and Partyology will be there to help students and residents of Oxford get ready.

For the last two years, Chris and Charlotte Dicus, owners of Partyology, have been assisting the Oxford community in preparing for any and all celebrations on their social agendas. Opened in July of 2011, the store has been a haven for people who need Grove supplies for football season, costumes for fraternity and sorority parties, birthday party favors and celebratory items for other types of events.

The two decided to go into business when they saw there were no local party supply businesses in town where you could go to get all of your supplies in one place.

“We both love to have parties at our house, whether it’s baby showers or football parties. We (would have to shop at) several different places trying to get plates, cups and food,” Charlotte Dicus said. “Since Oxford is the number one party town, it seemed like the smartest thing to do.”

In store, there are materials for a wide range of different events. Children’s party supplies are available, but there are also more mature options. In a back room, there are supplies for bachelorette parties. There are also materials for tailgating in The Grove such as food trays, plastic silverware, plates, cups, games and flasks.

Partyology currently has a promotion going on that will give you a 5 percent discount off your purchases if you friend or check-in at Partyology on Facebook while you are in the store. All you need to do is show proof on your phone. There are also case discounts for events such as weddings.

For home entertainment such as football games, Chris and Charlotte suggest materials customers might need, but advise them not to worry about the details too much.

“We like to decorate our living room with streamers and balloons to kind of make it festive so it feels like a real event –– you’re not just watching the game, you’re having an event at your house. It makes it feel a little bit more … like game day.” Chris Dicus said.

Charlotte adds, “To me, a lot of people get lost in the details. If you’re throwing a party, you shouldn’t stress out so much. Just have fun. You can decorate and do so very affordably. Everything does not have to be expensive.”

The most requested items from the store are for the theme parties that sororities and fraternities have every year. Costumes, necklaces, and even wigs are all in store. Their 21st birthday materials are a big item. Balloons and tiaras are available, and there are also Ole Miss shirts and other memorabilia for purchase.


Partyology is located at 111 Heritage Drive
Partyology is located at 111 Heritage Drive / Photo By Justin Taylor

One way the Dicuses like to attract customers is by having a friendly environment in the store. A unique way they help increase the friendly feel is by sometimes bringing their black lab, Onyx, to the store.

“Sometimes she comes with us. The customers love her, and it kind of brings a new element into the store. (Customers) come through the door and they’re not expecting a dog,” Chris Dicus said. “She’s real friendly and likes to walk around with customers. They pet her and have a good time.”

Local business owners Stuart Snyder, owner of West Jackson Wine and Spirits, and Lindsey Mitchell, co-owner of Lulu’s, attest that Partyology is a great addition to the business community.

“ When you can’t find something anywhere else, you can go up there. They have great service (and) good prices,” Snyder said. “A lot of stuff we can’t sell –– like glasses, cups –– what we do when we need it, we go up there, or we send customers to them.”

“I think it’s a great addition to our town, and it’s nice to have a place where you can go get specialty (items),” Mitchell said. “We love a small business, and it’s nice to be able to go buy your party stuff locally instead (of purchasing them) at a chain store.”

Charlotte says one of the most pleasing aspects of having a business in Oxford has been the outpouring of support that Partyology has received from the community.

“We’ve had a lot of support from the community, from our friends, from other businesses, which was just great,” Charlotte Dicus said. “It has just been overwhelming support, and we’ve been very pleased with it.”

For more information call Partyology at 662-234-4799 or visit their website at partyology101.com. – Justin Taylor, senior journalism major at Ole Miss.

Email Justin Taylor at jdtaylo2@go.olemiss.edu

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