Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Tropical Storm Karen Moves Closer to Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Karen, currently in the Gulf of Mexico, is moving closer to the Gulf Coast. Karen is expected to make landfall this weekend.

The Weather Channel has reported that the storm developed over the Yucatan Peninsula and Southern Gulf of Mexico on Thursday morning. According from the last few updates from the National Hurricane Center, the storm has weakened.

Also according to the Weather Channel, there are hurricane watches are posted from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to Destin, Florida. Karen is projected to continue on its northern path and then start moving northeast this weekend.

Graphic taken from
Graphic taken from

This weekend while Karen is making landfall, there will be college football around the south. Ole Miss is playing at Auburn this weekend and there isn’t expected to be much effect on the weather conditions.

The weather forecast from projects that at 6:00 pm on Saturday (Kickoff time) it will be 77 degrees, mostly cloudy with 64% humidity and 0% precipitation.

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