Sunday, December 3, 2023

Reader Raves: Embers Biscuits & Bar-B-Que

Derek Moreton is a hungry man.
Derek Moreton is a hungry man.

Items from Newcomb’s eatery are ‘simple and delicious’.

Oxford’s Derek Moreton recently looked to new restaurant Embers Biscuits & Bar-B-Que, the latest Don Newcomb (of McAlister’s and Newk’s fame) creation, for a ticket to flavor country. Other than a little bit of picnic-table seating out front, Embers, at 1703 University Avenue, is a drive-through or walk-in eatery.

Moreton had this to say about his experience with the food:

“I think that place is glorious. We had a house full of people the weekend it opened. I picked up breakfast for everyone. We ordered every breakfast item on the menu but the link sausage biscuit. Everything was fantastic. I think the winner was the pit-cooked chicken breast biscuit with cheese. I liked it so much that I went back later that week to try it as a sandwich. I also tried their cheeseburger—simple and delicious.”



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