Thursday, December 8, 2022

See Before and After Version of Scott Coopwood’s Jeep Time Machine


Picture 2 Jeep

Editor’s note: Ole Miss 1984 graduate Scott Coopwood, a seventh generation Deltan, lives in Cleveland, Miss., with his wife Cindy and their three children. Scott is the publisher and owner of Delta Magazine, one of the South’s leading lifestyle publications, the Delta Business Journal, the first business publication in the Mississippi Delta; and Cleveland’s weekly newspaper, The Cleveland Current . Scott’s company also publishes two weekly e-newsletters. Coopwood publishing concerns now reach 250,000 people.

Coopwood shared this story recently with about an important piece of property that seems to mean more to him than just your average vehicle. We thought many of you would relate.   

When I was 17, my father bought me the old jeep pictured above.

I used that Jeep for hunting all of the way through high school. I took it to Ole Miss when I was in college where it participated in many Kappa Alpha “Old Souths.” Old South’s were parties based on our recurring fraternity theme. In those days, Ole Miss hadn’t exiled Colonel Reb yet. So the sight of three or four fraternity guys riding around the Ole Miss campus wearing Confederate uniforms in an open-air jeep — though quite a sight — wasn’t completely out of bounds.

Scott Coopwood

In 1994, after graduating from Ole Miss with a degree in Engilsh, I sold the Jeep and didn’t see it for 18 years. Earlier this year, I l found it in a stroke of luck. I immediately bought it back, and have just finished refurbishing.

So, the end of the journey that started four decades ago in high school has come full circle. After five months of working on this rolling piece of my life and history, we’re enjoying riding in it around the Mississippi Delta.

And …. we’ll never again let it go.

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