Friday, December 2, 2022

Alderman Trashes Twitter Trending Rumor

nightlymississippianOne of the hottest trending subjects on Twitter in recent days was speculation that Oxford would be opening a strip club in the aftermath of the passing of a new Adult Entertainment Ordinance.
Twitter topics, like #oxfordstripclub and #stripclubnames, noted the’s Jan. 15 article “Made the story a national trend Tuesday night. Using a very location-specific hashtag – #OxfordStripClubNames – the social site is filled with potential names for any adult club that would want to set up shop in the town.” 

Alderman Hughes is at his laptop.

But Oxford Alderman Jay Hughes, contacted by on Jan. 16, insisted the rumors are based on wild speculation.
“By passing the zoning overlay Jan. 7 as part of the Adult Entertainment Ordinance, city government is not abandoning our morals, we’re reinforcing our morals,” Hughes said emphatically.
The ordinance proscribes two possible locations for adult businesses in Oxford. One is in an industrial area on West Jackson and the other off College Hill Road in the area of Oxford Airport.
In addition to limiting potential businesses to these two locations, new regulations dictate that any adult business couldn’t sell alcohol, be visible through windows from outside of the location or put up signage to advertise the activities.
All of these limitation, says Hughes, makes it highly unlikely a business such as a strip club will ever open in town, despite the constant rumors. “We’ve never had anybody apply for a license to operate one and we don’t expect we will largely because of this ordinance,” Hughes added.
The Alderman pointed out that previous zoning language was inadvertently eliminated when the city revamped its codes in 2004. “Without this new ordinance that passed unanimously, people should understand that an adult business, by law, could operate anywhere in the city and nobody could do anything about it,” he explained. “The other reality, that I point out as an attorney, is that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly no municipality can ban such a business outright. We can only regulate its activities by zoning laws and other restriction that determine where and how the business operates.”
So the creative tweeters may have to wait a very long time to see their potential club names become reality, but a few of the suggestions that avoided descending into vulgarity get a call-out for cleverness.