Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Alderman Hughes Briefs Constituents on Weather Conditions

Alderman Hughes is at his computer. received the following communication this evening from Jay Hughes, Ward 1 alderman:
Subject: EMA Weather Update
Latest from the Emergency Management Association 3 p.m. briefing:
The system will move in tonight around 9 pm to Midnight. Our overnight temperature is predicted to be in the mid 20’s.
We can expect up to ½ inch of sleet to start with, and then precipitation changing to snow. The NWS is still unsure on the amount of snow, but expect 1 to 3 inches.
Our predicted high temperature for tomorrow is 32, but NWS does not think we will reach that high, so they believe whatever falls will stay and stick.
These conditions will last throughout tomorrow.
A second wave of moisture is expected to move in Tuesday night, and additional accumulations of frozen precipitation can be expected. This is expected to continue until mid-morning on Wednesday and the temperaturess will begin to climb above freezing.
Bundle up and get the candles and sleds (ok, I added that part).
Jay Hughes is Ward 1 alderman and a prominent attorney in Oxford.