Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Unfolding in Front of Us: The Photography of Mike Stanton

Photographer Mike Stanton appreciates the now.

stanton11In his late 20s, Mike Stanton suffered a protracted illness, and upon recovering he decided to take a trip to Israel to decompress. “I bought a camera the day before I left,” says the Oxford resident, “and I’ve been photographing since then.”
Stanton’s eye for images has developed into a documentary style of photgraphy, rather than posed portraits. “The story is unfolding in front of us,” he says. “I started documenting my family and friends. I just took my point-and-shoot camera wherever I went, documenting. It came out of a sense of immediacy or urgency. Once I started getting better and healing, I realized I had a second chance, and photography was a response to that. It’s an appreciation for what you have in front of you.”
As his interest and passion grew, his seriousness about his work and his equipment progressed. Today, he tackles professional assignments for hire, rendering photographic records of events, people, and places.
For more information, visit Mike Stanton Photography on Facebook.
— Tad Wilkes,
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