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Video interviews, Photo Feature on Rebels March 28 Practice

2012-01-07 16.20.59
Coach Freeze closely follows the trajectory of one of Bo Wallace’s passes.

Coach Hugh Freeze, Robert Nkemdiche and Laquon Treadwell talked to the media after Friday’s practice.
The spirited session included great catches by Treadwell and the other receivers and some sharp passing by Bo Wallace and DeVante Kincade. Offensive lineman spent time in their position group honing their pass blocking and road-grading expertise. Defensive lineman, linebackers and defensive backs learned their assignments against their offensive counterparts.
Click here for a sampling of the entire practice from warm-ups to the final whistle.
2012-01-07 15.58.38
Warm-up get the players loosened up.

2012-01-07 16.26.21
Great catch by running back Jimmy Potepa.

2012-01-07 16.27.07
I’Tavius Mathers has his eyes on the football.

2012-01-07 16.07.24-2
Cale Luke impresses former Ole Miss wideout Donte Moncrief.

2012-01-07 16.45.31
Defensive lineman are hungry for real action.

2012-01-07 16.38.33
So are the receivers and quarterbacks.

2012-01-07 16.17.42
And Bo’s arm is strong and accurate.

2012-01-07 16.12.20
Offensive lineman are ready to rumble.

2012-01-07 16.39.32
Wider receivers must spring quickly off the line.

2012-01-07 16.53.08
DeVante Kincade leads the offense with confidence as Coach Freeze looks on.

2012-01-07 16.10.15
QB Ryan Buchanan has a great arm.

2012-01-07 15.53.46
Players have a little fun before practice.

 Still photos by Andy Knef, editor of

Video by Adam Brown, sports editor.