Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ole Miss Student Marketing Agency Plans Pitch for AT&T U-verse

Coordinator Luan Vu leads a strategy meeting during the planning phase of the campaign.
Coordinator Luan Vu leads a strategy meeting during the planning phase of the campaign.

Ole Miss Marketing Agency, a student-run marketing agency at the University of Mississippi, has developed a marketing campaign to promote AT&T U-verse® TV and High Speed Internet services, wireless discount and reward for referral programs to their school and community.
The campaign is designed to increase awareness and purchase of AT&T U-verse TV and the new SEC Network launching in August.
The campaign will feature several innovative and engaging tactics to increase awareness of AT&T U-verse by highlighting its features. Tactics will include events, video premieres, non-traditional advertising and social media. The events include a U-verse demonstration, free food, games, and showings of the team’s promotional video clips. The video clips will highlight the benefits of being a U-verse subscriber.
In addition to the campaign’s events, The Agency will introduce campaign characters, Harry and Jerry. Harry has U-verse. Jerry does not. Both characters are avid SEC fans, but only one can win the title of “best SEC fan.”  Twitter users will be encouraged to choose whether they are #TeamHarry or #TeamJerry by following @YTYT_OleMiss on Twitter.
The campaign is part of the AT&T Campus Brand Challenge, a program designed to give students a unique, real-world business experience by asking them to design and implement an integrated marketing communications plan. “I didn’t know that I could do so much. I have learned a lot about working on a marketing campaign from start to finish and everything in between. I cannot wait to see the hard work coming to life”, said JJ Townsend, campaign strategy director.

Each of the six schools across the country participating in the AT&T Campus Brand Challenge are competing against one another for the opportunity to present their ideas to AT&T executives at the term’s conclusion.
For further inquires regarding the AT&T Campus Brand Challenge, please contact Tiffany Odom at (662) 801-0537.
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