Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Kicks Martial Arts Teaches Values, Self Defense (Photo Gallery)


2012-02-01 17.57.58
Student warms up with an obstacle course run. Photos by Andy Knef

Kicks Martial Arts Studio on University Ave. offers comprehensive instruction for students ages 3 and up.
In addition to fitness and ancient techniques in self defense, Kicks focuses on helping young people learn eternal values like kindness, courage and perseverance.
The studio was founded in 2009 by Ole Miss graduate Abbey Masner, who holds a 5th-degree black belt. Abbey is assisted by her dad, Alan Smith. Kicks has studios in Oxford, Arkansas, Missouri and Florida.
For more information, go to their web site at
Take a look here at what’s going on at Kicks Martial Arts:
2012-02-01 18.07.05
Instructor Scott Caldwell demonstrates a martial arts form.

2012-02-01 17.59.26
A round house kick is an important tool.

2012-02-01 17.33.36
Proper form is never neglected.

2012-02-01 17.51.20
Fitness goes hand-in-hand with fighting skills.

2012-02-01 17.53.09
Jumping and agility training is fun.

2012-02-01 18.08.21
This student trains under the watchful eye of instructor Dakota Ford.

2012-02-01 18.07.16
Getting technique perfect is the goal.

2012-02-01 17.57.09
This student jumps over an obstacle.

2012-02-01 17.58.02
If you can’t go over the obstacle you go under.


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