Sunday, December 3, 2023

VIDEO >> Louisville Devastated by Twin Tornados

The town of Louisville, Miss. was badly damaged by two tornadoes that leveled the town on Monday, April 28.
Louisville was one of the 16 Mississippi locations that was affected by tornados and other severe weather. At least 500 homes were damaged in the storm.
The Meek School of Journalism and New Media has this video report examining the damage:
Three years and one day after a killer tornado rampaged through the town of Smithville, Miss., the citizens of Louisville had to endure the same type of devastation as tornadoes, hail and high winds ripped a half-mile path across the countryside.
Reports this morning were that five subdivisions were hit. There are Louisville families who lost everything. Thankfully, the weather warning system in Winston County did minimize the death toll.
The largest tornado took out a large portion of Winston County. The tornado’s destruction path included the Winston Medical Center in Louisville. The hospital has water damage, missing sections of its roof, windows blown out and walls down. Jack Mazuark Med Center Spokesman reports in a associated press article:
“Tt knocked down two walls, damaged a third and caused a gas leak Monday evening. All patients are being diverted to the hospital in Starkville and more serve cases to Jackson.” Mazuark said.
A large part of the towns infrastructure is also heavily damaged. The town of Louisville supplies about 70 percent of the water for Winston County. Gas lines are broken in town and gas leaks have been reported. Crews are working to restore power, water and roads.
Governor Phil Bryant has sent troops of the Mississippi National Guard to help out with the relief effort in Louisville.
–Adam Brown, sports editor of