Saturday, February 4, 2023

At the Ballpark, It's All About the Kids

Sure a close play at second base is exciting, but not so much for small kids. All photos by Andy Knef.

Shooting photographs of baseball games is fun, but sometimes the subject matter can get a little tedious.
There are just so many shots of hair-close plays at first base, dirt-flying sliding tags at second and bang-bang calls at the plate to keep a veteran baseball shutter-snapper completely satisfied.
The answer sports fans, is what we in the business call COLOR. Not the brilliant hues of a dazzling spring Sunday so much as the unexpected human interest you can capture — especially with parents and their children.
2012-02-09 18.25.12
Pretzels work well to keep junior happy and occupied.

Nothing like a baseball game  to observe mom and dad trying their best to keep those kids interested and engaged. It usually takes lots of treats. Pretzels and snow cones seem to do an excellent job of keeping little ones, and soon-to-be teens, relatively quiet and occupied.
But sometimes, as you’ll see in the following images, it takes a trip to the field and maybe even some autographs from Rebel players, or the not-always-loved (except by kids) Rebel the Black Bear mascot.
Enjoy and perhaps take notes for how you might  get those kids out to the ballpark on a beautiful day as the Rebels march steadily toward Omaha.
So do Snow Cones.

2012-02-09 20.36.12
This captivated young man is waiting for a foul ball.

Yes, I worked my way on to the field — and now what?

Autographs are the biggest winner of all.

Future Diamond Girl is already Daddy’s girl.

And this little guy has already met a Diamond Girl.

In the end, it doesn’t get better than this for two baseball buds.

Adults may not be fans, but the Black Bear is worth an autograph for most kids.

 Andy Knef is editor of He is OK with the bear but then he’s from St. Louis.