Thursday, September 29, 2022

Salad Days, Part 3: Smokin' Back to Ajax

I realize that in this, only my third installment in my search for succulent salads, I returned to Ajax Diner, the scene of Salad Days, Part 2, when I had Pop’s Shrimp Salad. I promise to bring more variety to the establishments where I graze on greens, but I just had to try another salad at Ajax first. Salad Days, Part 1, took me to Proud Larrys’. Notice the trend here: I am intentionally, bravely venturing into the belly of the beast—restaurants that for years have increased the size of the belly of this beast with their carb-crazed sandwiches and entrees.
For about two decades now I’ve feasted upon nap-inducing, heavy, fantastic plate lunches at Ajax, doing the backstroke in brown gravy to my heart’s content. So it’s a pretty big deal to resist all those choices and order salads there. But healthier eating is the aim.
That brings me to something I’d never tried, the Ajax Salad, which is topped with something I’d never had on a salad, smoked catfish. Then there’s toasted pecans, crumbled bleu cheese, black eyed peas, and corn, all over mixed greens. You can choose your dressing, and I was about to order comeback, but the waitress strongly recommended the creole mustard vinaigrette. She was right on the money. Ajax is known for its take on down-home Southern meals, but the Ajax Salad is pure, super savory gourmet material.
Why, you ask, does this little blog not include a photo of the Ajax Salad? Because I was halfway through eating it when I realized I hadn’t taken a photo.
Ajax Diner is at 118 Courthouse Square.
— Tad Wilkes,

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