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Chadwicks Give Inside Look at Goose Creek Club

The Vassallo Interviews — Steve Vassallo is a contributor who interviews Oxford’s and our region’s leading personalities.
Steve said: When you hear the names Billy and Barney Chadwick, you immediately think of the game of tennis. I don’t know of anyone who has done more to advance tennis in the state of Mississippi than this dynamic duo. Now they have teamed up to bring the residents of Oxford the Goose Creek Club. Phil and Don never had it so good! This is one facility worthy of a visit. It’s special. – Barney, where does the name come from?
Barney Chadwick – The Goose Creek Basin, which this property is part. – When did this idea originate to construct such a beautiful, comprehensive complex here in Oxford?
Barney Chadwick – The idea has been forming for many years while I was operating River Hills in Jackson and Billy was coaching the Ole Miss Rebels. – Tell us about the facility.
Billy and Barney Chadwick – We showcase seven clay courts, which is the only location in Oxford to have clay. Eventually we’ll build out to 14. Our pool is incredible. It has many features including a ‘tanning ledge’ and it’s heated! We also have 75-foot lanes for a fun swim club team, which will begin next spring. It’s a saline pool, which will stay open until late fall and then reopen in early spring. A very large slide is forthcoming also. – This gym/fitness center is most impressive!
Billy and Barney Chadwick – Our fitness features state-of-the-art equipment and technology and includes free weights and weight machine stations all in large comfortable setting with our cardio machines overlooking the pool area. We also have dedicated spin room and a multi-purpose studio room for exercise and various classes. – From what I understand, this place has taken off quicker than one of your serves.
Billy and Barney Chadwick – We already have 400 families on board and we’ve only been open with all amenities available since Memorial Day. – Will there be tournaments held here?
Billy and Barney Chadwick – Absolutely. We will have three categories. The first of which is a competitive top level wherein most of our membership will be spectators. This fall we’re planning a collegiate weekend event. Secondly, we’ll have social type tournaments for men and women that will be similar to mixers and meet and greet for our members. And third, we’ll have competitive tournaments for members and their guests. – How has your staffing been going?
Billy and Barney Chadwick – It’s been going great. We’re still hiring. Anyone can go online to our website at and apply.
gcc2 – I love this restaurant/bar area and the daycare center is accommodating.
Billy and Barney Chadwick – Our intent was to make this facility as comfortable as possible for people of all ages and walks in life. You can come here and relax while your family is playing tennis; working out; swimming; or just enjoying the beautiful setting. – Let’s shift gears as we discuss your tennis history.
Billy and Barney Chadwick – We grew up in the 60’s playing tennis at Wingfield. We won the state championship in 1971. The Twins received a scholarship to Belhaven as Ole Miss did not extend tennis scholarships at that time. That changed in 1974. After graduation Barney became the Director of Tennis for the City of Jackson and Billy left for graduate school in Oxford. – Billy’s coaching career at Ole Miss put the Rebel tennis program on the world map.
Billy Chadwick – I initially came to Ole Miss to obtain my MBA and in addition I was named the women’s tennis coach in 1979. In 1982, I was asked to take over the entire tennis program. After two years, our women’s team was in the top 20 nationally. In 1986, we had our first national ranking for the men. We had a run of 21 consecutive years in which we made the NCAA championships. We won 18 SEC titles that included 10 SEC West championships; three SEC Tournament championships; and five overall SEC championships. – You recruited and coached some great players.
Billy Chadwick – We had many outstanding players through the years. Devin Britton was the youngest player ever to win the NCAA singles title. Mahesh Buphati won 12 ATP championships. Dave Randall (Tupelo) was our first All American qualifying for Wimbledon and playing the national circuit. – Turning back to Barney, you truly made a name for yourself at River Hills.
Barney Chadwick – We turned the club completely around. I was hired in the mid 90’s and directed the operations there for 13 years. In 2003 we initiated an $11M upgrade which was thought impossible years earlier. This experience coupled with a few others provided me the expertise and knowledge that proved to be beneficial here at Goose Creek. – Most often success stories can be attributed to the contributions of a lady.
Billy and Barney Chadwick – (Barney, first) My wife Jeanne has definitely been a key part of our success. In fact, she had a great deal to do with the interior design here and this is why it’s so beautiful! (Billy) Had it not been for my wife Julie, I may have never landed at Ole Miss. – Alright guys, who’s the better player?
Billy Chadwick – I definitely am!
Barney Chadwick – Without a doubt it’s me!

Billy (right) and Barney Chadwick at Goose Creek Club
Billy (right) and Barney Chadwick at Goose Creek Club

Regardless of their individual talent on the court, these two gentlemen are legendary in tennis circles throughout Mississippi and beyond. Because of their passion for the game they have loved for a lifetime, thousands of Oxford residents and their guests can now enjoy a tennis environment second to none! It’s 40-Love with Oxford primed for set and match!
Goose Creek Club is located on Anderson Road, near Wellsgate in Oxford. For more information about membership, amenities, tennis and more, visit
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