Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Filmmaker Derek Brown Kicks off 10 Square Project

Derek “Dee” Brown is a talented creative artist who is new to Oxford, but is working on a video project called 10 Square about our community. In this series, Brown will talk to and video various Oxonians about what makes Oxford a special place to them.
Following is the pilot segment of the series with Brown himself providing the commentary.

Brown describes his mission as “empowering people of color.” He was born into poverty with a single mother and a father who passed away early in Brown’s life.
Brown admits that as a young man in St. Louis he succumbed to the vices of the streets. He became a young father himself, while dreaming of becoming an entertainer. He began to perform his own poetry locally and soon he had enough poetry to fill four self-published books, and two CDs.
He hosted several open mic venues, made television appearances, and traveled the country filling ears and minds with positive messages of revolution, self-love, and tasteful erotica. He started a publishing company and relocated to St. Croix where he tried acting, which landed him an opportunity on the radio with no prior experience.  He has become a youth advocate, community activist, and was one half of the top rated “Big Phat Morning Show” on the island of St. Croix in the Eastern Caribbean.
Today, Brown is a skilled videographer. He is also a devoted husband, father and lover of all things that promote family values and uplifts communities. To talk to Derek about video projects, email him at Lifelongproductions@yahoo.com.
Andy Knef is editor of HottyToddy.com. Contact Andy about this story at Andy.Knef@HottyToddy.com.