Wednesday, December 6, 2023

SEC Network's 'It's Time' Beautiful Tribute to Mullins

The SEC Network delivered a true tearjerker Thursday night in the SEC Storied original episode “It’s Time,” chronicling the lives of Ole Miss defensive player Chucky Mullins and Vanderbilt fullback Brad Gaines.
10625088_827980170559222_3889632846888907053_nThis documentary really showcased two people, two schools and two sets of fans that all came together after a tragedy on the field. To see the story of what happened on the hit that fateful homecoming game in 1989 against the Commodores, click here.
This SEC Network documentary showcased how a relationship and a bond of friendship and brotherhood formed between Mullins and Gaines. Oddly enough, the hit on Gaines brought the two closer together, and Gaines still visits Mullins’ grave in his hometown of Russville, Alabama, three times a year.
The memory of Chucky will never be forgotten on the Ole Miss campus as the whole community rallied behind a fallen hero in support. As the game against Vanderbilt draws near, its hard not to think back and remember Mullins and his unwavering spirit.

Coach Billy Brewer and Chucky Mullins before the homecoming game back in 1989. Photo courtesy of

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