Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Greek Seniors Remember Rush Week

Fumes of hairspray intoxicate the air as hundreds of girls fill the rooms of their respective sorority houses 10 minutes before the first round of potential new members visit.
1392086_10152281688192907_374955792_nAn unintelligible roar is heard throughout as a yell of “Do you have any red lipstick?!” is mixed with the concentrated whispers of active members reciting the girl’s name they are about to pick up. The mix of anxiety, excitement and pride that circulates among members before each round of recruitment is hard to describe. And no matter how many times one has been through the process, this flood of emotions never seems to go away, because no recruitment is exactly the same.
For seniors, these intense feelings are multiplied tenfold. There is a strange mix of relief and sadness that accompanies the thought of being a part of this long week for the last time. During the final preference round Saturday, tears often pour down the faces of the oldest members as a fellow pledge sister gives the “senior speech.”
“I’ll never forget dancing with all my friends during the skit every year and looking out at the faces of the PNMs, thinking about this great experience that they’re about to have,” senior Delta Gamma sister Kelsey Winborn said.
“I will always look back at Delta Gamma with really fond memories of the times I had during recruitment,” senior Madison White said. “Since our sorority has so many members, it’s hard to know everyone, and I’m really thankful for how recruitment brought us all together.”
Even though the process can be stressful, most seniors only remember once they graduate how fun and fulfilling it was to be a part of sorority recruitment. A unanimous agreement is held that the process is a bonding experience between active members and one of the most memorable parts of being in a sorority.
The memories, and more importantly, the relationships formed during recruitment are ones that stick with actives for the rest of their lives.
Miller Hollingsworth is a HottyToddy.com staff reporter and can be reached at mmhollin@go.olemiss.edu.