Thursday, March 23, 2023

Peyton Posits Pot Pushes Pizza Popularity

Pizza and pot — what’s the connection?

Our friends at the Huffington Post have an interesting story on Peyton Manning.
Nothing to do with football or the state of the Denver Broncos, but an apparent swipe at the squeaky clean image of the Manning family and Peyton in particular. Read it here.
According to the Huffington Post’s Emily Cohn, the recent passage of legalized pot in Colorado has had a positive sales impact on Peyton’s posse of Papa John’s Pizza restaurants in the state. You know — the munchies and all.
Papa John’s seems to do pretty well here in Oxford as well. Hm, well, it’s not legal in Mississippi. Pot, that is — not pizza.
Here is the beginning of the Huffington Post article:
Peyton Manning is here to offer us all a somewhat obvious business lesson: Legal pot is good for the pizza business.
Manning, the Denver Broncos’ quarterback who bought a whole bunch of Papa John’s franchises just before Colorado residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana, said in a recent interview that legal pot has been a boon for sales.
“There’s some different laws out here in Colorado,” Manning told Sports Illustrated in an interview published Thursday. “Pizza business is pretty good out here, believe it or not, due to some recent law changes.”