Sunday, December 3, 2023

Top 10 Football Photos From the 50-Yard Line

Here are my personally selected top-10 photos from Saturday night’s game. I wasn’t on the field this time, but in a great seat right on the 50.
That vantage point has certain advantages and is why coaches often sit up high when they’re trying to see the whole field.
Hope you enjoy:
No. 10

DSC_1507 copy
It all starts with a kickoff and I thought this image captures the moment of foot-to-ball very well. All photos by Andy Knef

No. 9
Bo wasn’t at his best but this image captures a completion that moved the chains.

No. 8
Jaylen Walton scored a big touchdown.

No. 7
The ferocious Rebel defense was all over the field.

No. 6
DSC_1483 copy
Great commercial for the SEC.

No. 5
We love our Australian punter, Mate.

No. 4.
Not the greatest photo but this guy came off the street and kicked a field goal — two weeks in a row. Has to be in there.

No. 3
The refs were too involved in this game — can we all agree?

No. 2
Could have gone with more Bo, more offense, but the D deserved the love.

No. 1
DSC_1369 copy
I know this is before the game even started but I love the emotion and action it conveys.