Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Oxford Daily Crime Report: Friday to Sunday, Nov. 14-16

Oxford police responded to the following incidents: 23 alarms, seven disturbances, seven suspicious activities, seven malicious mischief, seven noise complaints, five motorist assists, five welfare concerns, four fire dept. assists, three shoplifting, two lost properties, two careless drivers, two improper parking, an ambulance assist, an animal assist, harassing phone calls, an embezzlement, a civil matter, a false pretense, and a recovered property – “Investigators recovered a stolen pistol from an auto-burglary from a 2012 case.”
Oxford police investigated 19 wrecks, issued 65 traffic citations, and made nine arrests on the following charges: (4) possession of drug paraphernalia, a public intoxication, a driving with one headlight but without car insurance and with a DUI, a possession of drug paraphernalia with a DUI, a domestic violence, and a minor in possession of alcohol.
Oxford police discovered no code enforcement violations.
University police responded to the following incidents: a suicide attempt at Stockard Hall, a vandalism that resulted in over $1,000 in damages at Stockard Hall, a service call for an ambulance at Stockard Hall, a motor vehicle accident with property damage on Hill drive, two disturbances at Lester Hall (on Friday), an accidental hit and run at Women’s Terrance Lot, an accidental hit and run at Campus Walk, an accidental vehicle property damage with no car insurance but with a DUI to first degree, a vandalism resulting over $1,000 in property damages at Deaton Hall, a service call for an ambulance at Johnson Commons, a fire at Campus Walk, a motor vehicle accident at Campus Walk, two intoxicated persons with a service call for an ambulance for one of them at Crosby Hall, and an accidental property damage at Kincannon Field Lot.
Oxford Fire Dept. responded to the following calls: a general fire alarm malfunction at University Trails Building 6, a prank pull of a fire alarm on second floor at The Inn at Ole Miss, a water flow alarm activated by workers at Malco Theater in Oxford Commons, a smoke detector malfunction on ground floor hallway at Baptist Memorial Hospital, a smoke detector activated by shower steam at Northgate B204, a smoke detector activated by cooking at Rooster’s, a stove element burned out at Capus Walk #I104, and a smoke detector activation by shower steam in the east win at Pi Kappa Phi house.
All photographs and listings in the Oxford Daily Crime Report are provided by law personnel to as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent of charges until convicted by a court of law.

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