Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Hunters Hollow Gearing Up for Turkey Season

Turkey season is less than two weeks away and Hunters Hollow is gearing up with supplies at the new location on Highway 6.

One of the more popular new items is the flapping turkey, notably the Mojo Outdoors HW 2426. The decoy looks like a real turkey and flaps and flares his wings, attracting turkeys. Owner Donny Guest also raved about the new bullets in the store, notably the Federal Premium Third Degrees and the Winchester Long Beards.

IMG_9135“These are brand new and everyone’s really excited about the Third Degrees and of course, the Long Beards,” he said. “These will kill a turkey from 50 or 60 yards away.”

Despite the threat of scaring off the game, many hunters bring their children with them when they hunt. Guest said that’s not a concern when you have a blind with you.

“(Blinds) are great if you’re taking your kids with you because it’s like a little house and they can do what they want in there without spooking the turkeys,” he said. “They’re also very easy to set up, it only takes about a minute and you can fit three or four people in there.”

Youth season runs from March 7-13 with the regular season following from March 14-May 1. While many hunters choose to hunt on private land, there are opportunities to hunt on public land in Holly Springs and Sardis, made possible by the large increase in turkeys in the area.

“There were hardly any turkeys around here 5-10 years ago,” said Guest. “Now, we have tons here in north Mississippi.”

Michael Quirk is a HottyToddy.com staff reporter and can be reached at michael.quirk@hottytoddy.com.