Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Chisholm Brings New Housing Developments to Oxford, SEC Towns

Pat Chisholm is a major player in the Oxford development scene with four infill housing developments and similar investments across the SEC.

When Pat Chisholm visited Oxford in the 80s, he played golf with Lady Rebel golfer, Lisa Davis of Jackson.

Now he is a major player in the Oxford development scene with four infill housing developments and similar investments across the SEC at Auburn University, Florida State University, University of Alabama, University of Georgia and Mississippi State University.

He and Lisa married and have two daughters, Claire and Julia, who are attending Ole Miss. The Orlando developer will break ground on his fourth “infill” student housing project in Oxford next month.

“I prefer smaller, quality infill – smaller projects located in the core of the city ‐‐ developments that allow students to walk to campus as opposed to the large complexes located on the perimeter of the community. Infill or core properties are less impacted when, or if, there is a retraction in the economy,” he explained.

Chisholm has been developing infill projects for years, preferring college towns.

“As I was visiting Oxford in the 80s, I was just getting into infill development projects. So when our oldest daughter, Claire, decided to attend Ole Miss, development of core properties in Oxford was a natural transition,” Pat said.

607 South, a complex of 12 townhomes just off East University Avenue

His first development in Oxford was 607 South, a complex of 12 townhomes at 607 South 16th, St. just off East University Avenue, last year.

“I prefer to call our developments ‘townhomes’ rather than ‘condos,’” Chisholm said. “I like my projects to be a home away from home for folks who choose to live in one of my communities.”

Pat and Lisa live in one of their townhomes at 607 South, and he has his office above 2,400 square feet of commercial space that front on South 16th Street.

“This development appears to be high as you view it driving west on University Avenue. It is a quality development and the units are to the 38’ code, but because they are on a hill, they appear taller. We have hired a landscape person to make this attractive, “ he said, explaining that he is always conscious of the community’s best interests. “It takes time for landscaping to mature.”

West 100, located on West Jackson Avenue behind Starbucks, will open next month.

Chisholm’s second development, West 100, located on West Jackson Avenue behind Starbucks, will open next month. West 100 will include 15 four‐bedroom, four‐and‐a‐half bath traditional units with walk‐up porches.

At the same time, Chisholm is breaking ground on his third project, Village Walk, located at the corner of South 16th Street and University Avenue, where Oxford‐University Bank was formerly located. The development will include commercial space that fronts on University Avenue and 30 one‐ and two‐bedroom units with parking beneath.

New complex at the corner of South 16th Street and East University Avenue

To improve pedestrian access and enrich traffic flow, Chisholm will pay for installation of a red light at the intersection of East University Avenue and South 16th Street. This will provide a crosswalk for students walking to campus and facilitate better traffic flow on University Avenue and from South 16th Street,” he said.

Four bedroom rendering of Traditions

Chisholm will begin development of a fourth core project, Traditions, in September. It will be located on four and a half acres of a nine‐acre track between Johnson Avenue Extended and 19th Street. Traditions will include 28 cottage‐style homes “with large front porches and walk up steps, very traditional, very southern,” he said.

Two bedroom rendering of Traditions

The construction of Traditions  will enable Chisholm to open up and connect Johnson Avenue Extended and 19th Street, both of which currently dead‐end at the parcel being developed.

Pat and Lisa are building a new home in Franklin, Tennessee, where they will move after living 16 years in Orlando. “We love Oxford, but could no longer live here. Our kids would kill us. They wanted to get away from us for college,” he added with a smile.

As for his golf game, which brought him to Oxford and connected him with the Lady Rebel golfer that became his wife, Pat says he and Lisa still enjoy playing golf.

“I am a zero handicap and Lisa is a 12, but she is way better than me,” he said.

Written by Ed Meek

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