Sunday, April 2, 2023

OPD Shares Scam Alert: Fines Are Not Collected By Phone

policeThe Oxford Police Department shared a Facebook post to its followers on Jan. 26, warning them to beware of a call scam.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Department sent out the first warning, which OPD shared, stating that someone posing as a deputy is calling people to tell them to pay a fine over the phone or get arrested.

The original message from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department:

“Scam warning: We are receiving complaints regarding calls where someone identifies themselves as a deputy from the sheriff’s office. They threaten to arrest the person if they don’t pay their “fine” over the phone for failing to appear for a court appearance. The Lee County Sheriff’s Department will never call and collect fines over the telephone. If you received one of these calls, simple hang up.” 

According to the Oxford Police Department, the call was from a voice IP generator. About three weeks ago, OPD had two people who paid the money and two who did not. The department has not had anymore reports in the Oxford area of the scam for three weeks, but citizens need to be aware that fines are not collected over the telephone.

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