Tuesday, March 28, 2023

“Living Out Loud with Alley and Amanda” Podcast Special Guests: Kenny and Valerie Dean

Today’s special podcast features Kenny and Valerie Dean.

Kenny and Valerie have been married 20 years. Alley and Amanda chat with them on this podcast about what they have done wrong and what they have done right. They share encouragement and what they believe “The key to marriage” is.

Alley said, “We had to record this episode in a different environment than usual. So some voices are not as loud as others. With that being said, we strongly recommend you listen to this specific episode with your headphones. Headphones will help you be able to hear all voices well and not have to turn up and down.”

“Don’t miss this fun hour! You will go away encouraged and understand better what it takes to love your spouse.”

To listen, go to your podcast app on your phone and look up “Living out Loud with Alley & Amanda.”

“Living Out Loud with Alley and Amanda” is a bi-monthly podcast aimed at inspiring and encouraging women. Connect with Alley and Amanda on their website or visit their Facebook page. Email them at livingoutloud@hottytoddy.com or download their podcast app.