Sunday, December 3, 2023

Ole Miss Personality-ASB Elections Bring Out Passion, Creativity

(Photo by Deandria Turner, intern)

Back in the day voting for student elections and Homecoming candidates required casting ballots in a box? That day is long gone. Through the use of modern technology students now vote online at myOleMiss.

Tuesday Ole Miss students cast their online votes for Ole Miss personality elections like Miss Ole Miss, Mr. Ole Miss, Homecoming Queen, Freshman – Senior Maids and Campus Favorites.

Candidates for Mr. Ole Miss: Chad Knight, Cole Putman, and Daniel Reed.
Candidates for Miss Ole Miss: Acacia Santos, Bess Nichols, and Sarah Sutton
Homecoming Queen Candidates: Caroline Burke, Meredith Parker, MK Phillips and Paxton Williams.

ABS Senate Seats: Open to anyone.

Candidates and their supporters found creative ways to reach student voters with unique signs and stickers.

Acacia Santos
(Photo by Emily Defenbaugh, Intern)
Cole Putman
(Photo by Emily Defenbaugh, Intern)


Ole Miss Students Voting
Ole Miss students casting their votes online at myOleMiss. (Photo by Deandria Turner, intern)
Sarah Sutton
(Photo by Emily Defenbaugh, Intern)
(Photo by Deandria Turner, Intern)
Caroline Burke
(Photo by Emily Defenbaugh, Intern)

Homecoming Queen candidate Caroline Burke said she values the importance of serve.

“I have never felt prouder to be an Ole Miss Rebel than I have today,” Caroline Burke said. “I am so thankful to everyone who has come out to support me. Being a part of the Ole Miss family has taught me about the importance of service. We love this university so we give back. That is why I believe that our Homecoming Queen should be focused on service and that’s what I plan to do if elected. HOTTY TODDY AND BEAT BAMA!!!”

Ole Miss students can vote online via MyOleMiss Tuesday, September 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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