Wednesday, July 6, 2022

You Won’t Believe What’s Keeping Some Alabama Fans at Home

Sorry Ole Miss, but you may be disappointed to learn that Saturday’s game against the Tide may not be the first choice for some Alabama fans this weekend.

Apparently, the Rebels are getting left at the altar for another bride. The Rebel Nation has been ditched for a Widespread Panic concert tonight in Atlanta.

Tuscaloosa, and Atlanta apparently, is a rare stop for the popular jam band. And with the group, Umphrey’s McGee playing as the opening act, it’s a no-brainer to stay at home for twenty-something millennials.

The duo played to a packed out arena in Tuscaloosa Thursday night.

To put it in perspective, its like Baby Boomers having to choose to go to see a Rolling Stones concert on a rare concert tour versus watching their favorite football team play a bitter rival.

This bride is also cheaper at $41 a ticket compared to the going street rate of roughly $185 for the Ole Miss – Alabama game.

It’s been three years since Widespread Panic played in Tuscaloosa so it may be no surprise if some choose to stay at home to get their groove on rather than the Grove.

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